About the Megaconference:

For the past 10 years Megaconference has occurred as a result of a tremendous amount of volunteer effort and good will. The goal was to connect people everywhere on Earth where someone chose to participate and further the use of videoconferencing in education and research. Megaconference also advanced the state of the art in videoconferencing technology.
On the chosen dates, speakers from across the globe shared their latest real-world uses of H.323 videoconferencing and other compatible systems, while using these videoconferencing systems to do so. The audience consisted of:

  • Active participants who have access to advanced Internet connectivity and an H.323 or other compatible videoconferencing endpoint, and
  • Observers who watched the simultaneous stream using a web browser and freely available stream players.
  • If you would like to participate as a volunteer in any way for another Megaconference, please feel free to contact us.

    The Technology

    A system of distributed, H.323, SIP, and other compatible multipoint control units (MCUs) located around the world were cascaded together to create a cutting-edge Internet videoconference infrastructure.

    The Megaconference Mailing List

    The Megacon email list is a general purpose discussion list for all topics related to H.323 and compatible video conferencing technologies. Many people posts things there, ask questions etc, that are not directly related to the Megaconference itself. There are probably 800 subscribers. It is the largest list on this topic. People who work for commercial equipment vendors are allowed to subscribe, but with the understanding that their participation is informational (both directions), and cannot be used for sales purposes. When you register for the Megaconference, you are automatically added to the list so you will receive all the announcements.

    Click here to subscribe to the list.

    Past Megaconferences

    To view past Megaconference webpages follow this link.

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